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Medicile Seeks & Shows at times, where the Medical Community is Stagnant in Health Care. We also put a New Twist to the By The Book.

We have found things in medicine that explain some of the diseases we see today, yet CDC, and FDA, or other Government Agencies don't have Forum for the Common Researcher. So Many times we have had a Doctor look at us and say the things you tell him/her aren't in the Books they Studied. They have placed one category for every thing. Humans like all animals have evolved. Each new Baby Born is different from any other. The Vitamins in processed foods have made kids grow into bigger, taller persons in last three Generations (60 years). Cancers are different every person and triggered by different things, but the most common factor, we find, is injury occurred in previous 2 years. This doesn't deny that cancer is inherited sometimes, but still something triggers it to suddenly occur, especially as the persons sometimes reach 40 or 50 before cancer appears.

   Doctors and Medicine Knows so much, yet so Little about conditions such as Blood Pressure. Other than contributing Factors such as weight, age, stress, and blood factors, they don't know what causes it specific. It can be the heart beats fast all the time, increasing pressure, and some meds slow the heart. When one of our writers takes such medicines that he becomes lethargic and Forgetful. Reduced blood flow result similar to reduced flow in Stroke victims.

    This same writer has Blood Pressure that is difficult to Control, has absolutely no other problems. Is overweight, but has normal Cholesterol, and Triglycerides, Platelets, and all other factors. Writer Does have cholesterol Stones in the Gall Bladder, but only found when an Ultrasound was done for a pain in back on left side.
     OverWeight means many different Causes. Lack of Sleep for some people. Lack of Metabolism for Others, sometimes caused by poor Thyroid Function. Lack of Metabolism is also affected by lack of exercise. I Compare people to the animal world. There is the deer group like my wife who can only sleep in darknss time, at least eight hours, and then is awake for 16 hours, nothing makes her sleepy, and she can drive for hours, without a flutter. There is the bear group of which I thought I was, but I Don't Hibernate through the winter or go to bed at dark and get up at daylight like the chickens. I am more of the cat species. I like to sleep at night for six hours, get up and go do anything for an hour or four hours, or longer periods, as long as occupied, but when I stop, then I drop. I like a ten minute cat nap, then I'm up and at it again. If I am enjoying what I am Doing I can go for hours. 
      Writing here today is to post the viscous cycle on weight. You need exercise, no question, but what if you have pain and take anti-inflammatory or other pain and muscle relief medications? Taking those pain and muscle relievers counteract with natural body producing hormones that control pain. the more pain relievers the less the natural endorphins (can't find correct spelling), so when the man made drug ends in 4-6 hours you actually feel more pain because it takes 6-7 days for the body to completely take over pain control unless it is a new injury to another part of body. (acupuncture basis) So when you take pain relievers it overrides the natural function of pain control, and if done lightly can help you more active. Usually, the amount taken increases, added every 4-6 hours that the body circulates to all cells and things start slowing down. The intestines are a good example. Last week i gained 5 lbs taking Percocet generic for a Kidney Stone that is moving down the Ureter tube. Says in medicine Facts causes constipation. Constipation means slower bowel move. For me that isn't a great problem it just means I don't jump up and go first thing in the morn. As I said earlier I emanate a cat, I take power naps and go, I also eat and I go, normally. The pain reliever slows the digestive system, and the body has a greater amount of time to absorb food. Absorbing more nutrients, and fats to store and the tendency to move less because of the effect by the drugs on muscles, can cause temporary weight gain. Repeat these cycles periodically and you don't lose weight, you gain by levels as I have (besides my wife's plentiful cooking) from 145 to 233 lbs. I lose some weight during the rise, but age also increases wear and tear, and I have periods of taking pain relievers and gain again usually adding a couple more pounds. Just a Viscous Cycle.

     Sleeping is so overrated. Some people run for ever without sleep, and don't seem to lack it. Others sleep for hours on end and keep bags under their eyes. Here is one clue. It is what state of depression you are in. WHAT?! Yes your Mental and Emotional Condition. Notice persons who just found new Love? They Go on and on, until relationship dulls and then they slow down. Partly Adrenaline production, maybe Thyroid and other hormones which increase or decrease. Take the Executive who is Making Money, Job is Straight up and he has no negativity, He is running on high test hormones, and as long as he gets fuel to keep the energy, he keeps going. Now this other Guy, His job is a hassle, he can't get things done, and he is constantly tired. If the 2nd Guy changes his life to a positive and things start happening the way he likes he is charged again, just like divorcees and single lovers again who again find someone they like. They rest better with less sleep and actually lose weight in burning body fuel. You must have a positive feeling of worth first. Get rid of the worry!
      Second, Your bed must be comfortable. Expand on that later, but warmth without sweating is a must. 66 degrees with a couple covers, and if that isn't warm enough wear sweatshirt and pajama pants. Pillow(s) must keep your neck straight and inline with your body in your most common side or back position.
       Third, You may have a medical problem, back, neck, sinus that close, snoring, and definitely congestion. Nasal sprays at bedtime or antihistimines keep nasal passages open.
       Now, for my wife, who trys to get nine hours of sleep and says she is awake after 2-3 hours, then dozes. She is high energy and never sleeps during day, can drive for hours on end and not nod. Always says she feels tired. The longer she sleeps the more tired she says she is. There is such a thing as sleeping too much. Her problem is I believe is the hormone she takes to stop monthly periods (still a form of birth control), of when her problem started. She takes nothing else. There is theory to banking sleep. I sleep extra hour on Saturday and Sunday, and I am awake just before the clock goes off on Monday.
     My Biggest Problem is a Form of Sleep Apnea. The CAMC Sleep Studies were a Waste of money and Time. $5600. just to tell me something i already knew, I needed to use a C-Pap Machine. James M. did a Fed Ex Order sleep study at home for $390. Dollars 
     Dreams occur all the time. If you sleep long hours you are more likely to remember the dreams after 7-8 hours. If I sleep over 6 hours, the longer I sleep the more I remember the dreams. Less than 6 hours and it feels like I didn't dream at all. More later! 
    More stories to come.

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